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FrostyCool - Staff Application
Application Pending 

Personal Information
I, FrostyCool will be honest and fair if given the opportunity to become Moderator on Ogbon server. For those of you who read this Thread please post your opinion about me and give it a +1 value (if likes), 0 (if neutral), -1 (if dislike) with my personal Ogbon server player. And I do not force you to post your opinion but you guys by your own will choose to post in my Staff Application.

Name:  Dhimas
Nickname In-Game:  FrostyCool
Age: 14
Old play Minecraft: 5 Years / Tahun
Duration playing in Ogbon: 2 Months / Bulan Playtime : 6 Days 22 Hours
Experience being another server staff, organization, or whatever:
- I have been a staff on a small server ( Admin )

Theory Question 
Do you understand how Residence works? Explain briefly how land claims, set flags and add friends to the residence! 
Answer:  So first what you need to get before you make a Residence is you need to get a stick (claiming tool) once you have the stick go ahead and left click one of the corner of your claim with your stick and then right click the opposite corner using your stick. Then go ahead and type /res create (name of the residence). If you want to add friends to your Residence simply type /res padd (Nickname of your friend).
If you want to sort out the flags of the residence simply type /res set or if you only want to sort out one of your friends flag in your residence type in /res pset (Nickname of your friend). If you want to kick one of your friend simply type /res kick (Nickname of your friend). If you still need more information go ahed and type /youtube <- Server's youtube.

How to earn money in Ogbon? 
Answer: - Sells item in the aution house  /ah sell (price)
            - Sells item in the auction   /auc ( You need at least VIP rank )
            - Trading with friends   /trade (nickname of player)
            - Making a personal shop with chests in your residence 
            - Selling diamonds at the bank
             - Doing jobs  /jobs browse
             - Voting 
             - Winning events / games
If there is a grief steal or breaking the rules and there is an admin who is online, what to do? 
Answer: (Grief) Use /co i and right click / left click the parts that got griefed if i need help i would type                /helpme
             (Rule breaker) Give them the punishment that they deserve and warn them.

Essay (Please answer no more than 3 sentences) 

Why do you want to become an Ogbon Staff? 
Answer: I want to be an Obgon Staff is because i want this server to be a successful server. I also want to explain the rules to the people so that they really understands the rules of the server and by helping people that makes a ticket (/helpme).

What makes you fit to become an Ogbon Staff? 
Answer: I might not be 15, but i am really loyal, i love having fun, i'm mature, and i really love helping others when they need me. I am also a really easy learner which means that i can learn things very fast. 

What do you think the liabilities of the Staff are? 
Answer: Teaching players to do the right thing and making players understand the rules and features of the server and also helping players that needs help.

What do you think the right to a staff? 
Answer: Getting the power to do commands that can help the server not by playing with it and also making the players enjoy playing on the server.
Mohon untuk menjawab dalam bahasa indonesia yang baik dan benar agar dapat dimegerti oleh MEMBER Ogbon.
Karena Bahasa Inggris belum tentu dimegerti oleh setiap member. Walaupun bisa di translate melalui Google Translate.

FrostyCool = buat thread baru atau edit thread ini

Terima kasih.

[HLP 1]
Umur:14tahun minimal 15at hunk an
Postmu:baru4posting minimal udah 20
Dan selalu mengunakan bus. Indonesia karana banyan yg tidak mengerti

+ orangnya fun & sabar (semoga tidak salah menilai)
+ tidak ada catatan melanggar peraturan di ogbon
+ bermain cukup lama di Ogbon (season 2 - after reset), support server dengan donate

- karakter belum begitu terbentuk
- dari cara anda menjawab pertanyaan, saya rasa anda masih kurang paham jika menjadi staff bukanlah hal yang mudah dan santai. Tidak jarang staff baru yang baik dan sabar kaget karena kenyataan saat menjadi staff tidak sesuai ekspetasi sehingga membebani mentalnya sendiri. TL;DR: saya kurang percaya anda cukup dewasa dalam hal menangani hal-hal berat dan belum paham cara menangani stress (jika terjadi)

mungkin cocok untuk menjadi staff yang "menjaga" server saat staff lain berhalangan, menjawab pertanyaan ringan dan membantu player yang kesulitan dengan masalah kasual tapi belum cocok untuk menangani member abuse dan member nakal.

keputusan di tangan Owner

[Image: tywin1.gif]
Sorry, Could you please name the server you had a history as an Admin in ? Based on the statement you provided on this application form, I believe you aren't ready enough to handle the job that you will be taking in this server even, after considering you have been playing Minecraft for 5 years. Which would make you began playing Minecraft at the age of 9. We also require every staff on this server to be able to speak Indonesian fluently, as this is an Indonesian server. Please consider this @admin.


Moderator of OgbonCraft
Close Thread

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